The Dryarn® fiber, thanks to its technology, results bacteriostatic, breathable is insulating.100% recyclable

Treatments are applied to offer maximum protectionantiviral, antibacterial ed water repellent


Asana Mask was designed for adhere softly to the face and stay in place without hindering your movements.

It is produced in Italy by spinning the fiber directly,seamlessto preserve the skin from irritation.


Tissues can harbor viruses and bacteria and contribute to the risk of contamination and transmission.

Asana Mask receives a treatment designed for inhibit the growth and persistence of enveloped bacteria and viruses, such as coronavirus.


For my profession I use surgical masks (+ visor) or FFP2 all day.
A relief to go out and wear these! You breathe well, they shape well on the face, there is the possibility of inserting any filter since they are double layered.
Enthusiastic about the purchase!

Bice ● Healthcare worker

Among all the masks I have tried, these are definitely the most comfortable to wear ... the super soft and breathable fabric that can be used on any occasion and available in many colors. I highly recommend them to everyone, adults and children.

Really a great product

Helen ● Executive

With the Asana Mask you can breathe!

Convenient for all activities, clip them on your wrist

and when it is under the chin it is like not having it.

Miriam ● Pilates Instructor

I find them exceptional because despite the aerobic activity they do not cause me breathlessness and I maintain a clean and regular breathing; but they are also great for the rest of the day because they are pleasant on the face, do not irritate and leave no marks.
In addition, the colors are more beautiful than the other.

Red and ocher yellow board. Since we have to wear it at least it is pretty.

Francesca ● Employee


The mask protects ourselves and those around us.

We always wear it when we are in contact with other people
and let's protect ourselves even when we play sports.